Must Have Smartphone Accessories You Are Willing to Buy Soon

Your modern smartphones will be even better with some must have smartphone accessories. It is inevitable that today’s modern smartphones are great. From iPhones to Android smartphones, every one of them has great hardware and feature awesome apps. However, if we are asked to mention one thing that improves smartphones, the variety of accessories offered is surely the perfect answer.

6 Useful Smartphone Accessories You Must Have

Nowadays, we cannot deny that the number of smartphone accessories have increased from the first time we know smartphone. More interestingly, they are getting more awesome to help us get the most of our smartphone features. Thus, which one is considered as the must have smartphone accessories nowadays? The following is the top five most useful accessories that you must own.

#1 Portable Charger

Portable chargers or also popular as power banks are surely item that almost every smartphone user purchases these days. The reason is for sure its usefulness to provide additional power to our smartphone on the go. Nowadays, there are many types of power banks that you can choose based on your needs. Remember to consider the features offered by each type when you buy.

#2 Car Mounts

Do you often use your smartphone to navigate around as you drive? Then, another must have smartphone accessories you shouldn’t miss is car mount. Car mount will hold your phone for you as you drive. It is possible to set up this accessory on your car’s windshield or dashboard. Since not all car mount is created equal, check for the best product before you buy.

#3 Selfie Sticks

Next, you shouldn’t miss selfie sticks too! You must agree that selfies nowadays become such trends for every smartphone user. For you who love taking selfies too, having a great selfie stick will be a perfect choice. Similar to the other smartphone accessories that have been mentioned, this one also comes in various types. Consider getting one with Bluetooth for more comfortable selfie.

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#4 USB OTG Flash Drives

This is another must have smartphone accessories for smartphone user. This accessory can be used in a few different ways. More interestingly, it comes in such handy feature that you can bring on the go. USB OTG is commonly available for Android smartphones. However, if you own iOS smartphones, there is one that you can use with an app.

#5 Headphones 

Majority smartphones come with a bundle of headphone. However, they are sometimes not that great compared to the cool headphones that you can buy outside. This one of must have smartphone accessories are now coming with more enhanced features that make listening music or having video calls more enjoyable. For cooler option, there is also Bluetooth earbuds available.

#6 Skins

Lastly, we shouldn’t forget skins! We cannot deny that some smartphones just seem tooordinary even it offers highly powerful features. Fortunately, it is not impossible for you to apply a custom skin to make your smartphones even cooler. You can simply head over to a custom skin store and see the power of this one of must have smartphone accessories.

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