Top Automotive Industry Trends that May Get You Surprised

Everyone in the automotive industry must have known that there have been numerous significant advancements in this field. The old-fashioned cars which were packed with basic features before are now equipped with various advanced features. Then, what should we anticipate about it?

6 Key Automotive Industry Trends to Watch in 2018

Among so many top automotive industry trends out there, there are actually some of the key trends that may surprise you. So, let’s check this out!

1. Based Insurance for Vehicles

The IoT or Internet of Things has created such a big influence in almost every field around the world. When it comes to automotive industry, the IoT is connected to insurance sectors too. In this case, the platform is used to assist insurers to connect with individual who holds the policy.

The data from IoT has been found to increase the precision of insurers on assessing pricing policies, risk as well as estimating required reserve.

2. Car Sharing

Over the past few years, industry experts show that the emotional attachment to cars is going to diminish significantly. As a result, car sharing will become such popular thing. It is also considered that by 2030, one of ten cars sold is calculated to be a shared vehicle.

It is also predicted that the car sharing concept will be more convenient. This is because passengers are now allowed to play music as they please, snacking and drinking and more.

3. Cloud Powered Automotive Industry

Another one of the top automotive industry trends is the use of cloud technology. Cloud system has been considered to be more efficient since it is able to reduce cost as well as eliminate any capacity for waste. One instance for this trend is the automotive telematics that make use of cloud technology.

4. Electric Cars

Electric cars are now getting more popular and favorable especially with the rise of awareness of the people toward environmental issue. In 2018, the electric cars sale is estimated to cross 5 percent in the UK market while in the US market it is expected to reach close to 12 percent.

5. Crossover Vehicles

Crossover may not a brand new thing in automotive industry. However, it is now considered to be a big trend following the market that seeks for a comfortable vehicle that comes with operational and fuel cost-effectiveness.

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As a mix of regular SUVs and Sedans, crossover vehicles become one of the most practical vehicles used to commute. For those who expect for big investment and great driving experience, this trend is surely on point.

6. 3D Printing

3D printing now becomes another trendy thin in automotive industry. Nowadays, various names in this field have developed a variety of 3D car prototypes. It becomes popular because it offers better safety benefit and is considered cost-effective as well.


In brief, there are actually a few top automotive industry trends that are popular nowadays. Every trend that becomes a big hit today has an advantage that makes it favorable by the user of automotive industry. That’s all.

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