Here Are the Best Pet to Have with a Dog

If you want to have other pets in addition to your dogs, searching for the best pet to have with a dog will be a nice start. Owning a pet is surely a rewarding experience for anyone. While you have had a dog at home, you might think to have another pet to rise along with the dog too.

Best Pets to Choose If You Already Have a Dog

But, is any pet able to get along with your dog? When you think of adding another member to your family other than dog since you already have one, you might have doubt whether the pet you are going to adopt will get along with your current dog or not. The good news is these following pets can be a good companion for your dog.

Other Dog Breeds

If you are wondering the best pet to have with a dog, you can simply think of other dog breeds that can get along with your current breed.  Selecting your future pet when you already have a dog is highly dependent to how your current dog will respond to the future dog you think of adopting.

When we can generalize it because every dog actually has its own personality, there are some dog breeds which tend to be more agreeable to cross-species coexistence. It includes Labrodor Retriever, Havanese, Golden Retriever, Briard, Black and Tan Coonhound, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Norfolk terrier. If you have these breeds, you can expect to get a pair easily.

Guinea Pigs

When it comes to the best pet to have with a dog, a guinea pig can be another ideal choice. If you have a dream to own a guinea pig but you have already owned a dog at home, you don’t need to worry. This is because your dog can likely to live in harmony with your guinea pig.

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Despite the belief that cats and dogs are enemy to each other, cats and dogs are actually able to live together in harmony. There have been many examples for this where someone has both cats and dogs in his or her home. It may take time for your dog to get along with the cat, but they can surely live at peace together.


Another best pet to have with a dog is bird. We cannot deny that birds and dogs do not have that prey and predator relationship. That’s why it can be a good idea to have birds as an addition to a dog at home. Owning birds can be a bit demanding because they are not as independent as dogs or cats.


For another furry family member, you can consider owning a rabbit too when you already have a dog. Rabbits are cute and can be a good companion for your kids. Even though they are not as easy as dog to train, you can train them for doing basic things. So, you can add rabbits to your list of best pet to have with a dog.

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