Watch Out! These 5 Parts of Your Car Could Be Damaged by Potholes

If you think that bitumen roads are rock solid, you may need to change your mind since they are actually softer than you have ever think. Similar to gravel roads, high level of traffic and moisture are able to break down their surface, leaving the worst enemy of every driver: potholes!

5 Car Parts That Could Be Broken by Potholes

There is no doubt that potholes are such serious concern. When it is quite dangerous to try avoiding potholes whenever you can, there are some car parts that could be damaged by potholes as well. Check the list as follow.

1. Tie Rod Ends

They are the small ball joints which connect the power steering gear to the wheel. These small parts of your car are prone to wear and damage, especially from such big impacts such as a major pothole.

This part can bend or its ball socket is able to become loose. In severe cases, this part is able to come apart. In this case, you will need a tow to help you.

2. Control Arm

Moreover, your control arm is also at risk when you bump into potholes. As the suspension of your car bounces, the control arms can maintain the wheels’ vertical position. But, when you bump into a serious pothole, it is possible that the control arm bent.

Frequently, it sets the steering wheel off-centre and is able to influence how the steering reacts. At this point, you may not notice the signs immediately. However, your tires may start to wear unevenly.

3. Stabilizer Bar Link

One of the other car parts that could be damaged by potholes is the stabilizer bar link. These parts of your car have small ball joints on each of its end. It is useful to reduce side-to-side sway when the car is cornering.

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A serious pothole is possible to wear the socket in a quick motion, and you are going to hear such a knocking noise from your car’s front over bumps. In this case, the stabilizer bar link may break altogether too.

4. Tires

Not to mention the tires, for sure these parts of your can could be broken by potholes as well. When your car crunch into a pothole and the tires are underinflated, it is possible that the sidewall is able to pinch and then the tire can go flat immediately.

5. Strut

Front struts are the major components of your suspension. This part is able to absorb effect from potholes. However, if you bump into a large pothole straight on, there is possibility that the strut cannot take the force.

In this case, the hardened shaft of the strut may bend, resulting alignment issues, ill-tempered suspension and steering concerns.

Final Thoughts

Those are several car parts that could be damaged by potholes. In case you have hit a pothole or even some of them and you are suspecting any damage, it is a good idea to go immediately to your reliable, local workshops to repair the problem before it gets worse. That’s all!

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