Top 5 Cleaning Items for Car that Give the Best Result

When your precious weekend must be better to spend by enjoying time with your family or friends, cleaning your car must feel like a disaster. Scrubbing off that stubborn dust and other things may take forever. But, we cannot deny that it will worth the time and effort at the end.

The Top 5 Cleaning Items for Your Car and How to Get the Best Result

In order to help cleaning the car, there are actually some cleaning items for car that can give you the best result without too much effort. Are you curious what they are? So, check this out!

#1 Bucket and Sponge

Bucket and sponge are for sure the basic of cleaning! Go for a decent sized and good quality bucket that allows you to have an uninterrupted supply of foamy water to cleanse even such large vehicles. You can even go with two buckets in this case.

Fill the first bucket with soapy solution and the second one with clean, fresh water. When it comes to the sponge, remember to purchase the best quality one that can decrease the risk of scratches on your car’s paintwork.

#2 Grit Guard

The other cleaning items for car that you should prepare are grit guard. This small tool can be placed in your buckets’ bottom in order to stop the dirt and grit them from swirling around and being caught up in the sponge or wash pad.

You can simply rub your sponge on the grit guard after removing the dirt over your car. It will leave you with a clean sponge to continue cleaning.

#3 Car Wash Liquid

It’s no doubt that there are so many car wash liquid products out there. So, which one is the best to select? When you are shopping for car wash liquid, always search for the one which is as close to the pH neutral as possible.

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The reason is because it can remove hard water spots which can be left on the paintwork as an impact of minerals. Then, go for a liquid which bubbles up too in order to help eliminating the grime and grit on your paintwork.

#4 Wheel Cleaner and Wheel Brush

Wheel cleaner is one of the must-have cleaning items for car. It’s no doubt that you need a proper cleaner to clean your wheel since it is usually very hard to clean. Don’t forget to take a high-quality wheel brush too to help you on making the wheels look clean and polish.

#5 Microfiber Towels

Next, you will need microfiber drying clothes too! Instead of going of chamois, microfiber clothes are considered to be easier to use and they also provide such better result with less risk of scratching. Make sure to get the best quality one as you shop.

Final Thoughts

Those are a few best cleaning items that you must prepare to clean your car. To make the best of your car cleaning, you can also consider adding polish and wax products to your cleaning routines. That’s all about the best cleaning items for car. Have a nice day!

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