Most Anticipated 2019 Cars that Are Worth Waiting For

After the current list of most awaited cars for 2018 have been released one by one, it’s the time to move on beyond the time. Now, let’s talk about the most anticipated 2019 cars that you should wait for. There are some new 2019 models that are rumored to be released soon. And the list below will be some of the most anticipated ones!

Top 5 Most Anticipated Cars for 2019 Models

1. Nest-Gen Porsche 911

Just like the previous generation, it seems like Porsche 911 will look just like its siblings. The changes, on the other hand, will be veiled within this car’s timeless body. It is rumored that the new model will come with a brand new platform. Beside the new platform, the next Porsche 911 is supposed to get engine updated even though it is not confirmed yet.

2. Land Rover Defender

The new Jaguar Land Rover is promised to come with new body that is much more modern than before. Despite the new body, it is claimed that the car will still come with that great off-road capability. The manufacturer actually still makes it a secret. But, the car model seems to be a good rival for the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG.

3. Ford Ranger

The comeback of Ford Ranger in the US market must be surprising since it has been axed few years ago. The car comebacks as one of the most anticipated 2019 cars thanks to the popularity that it gains again.

The brand new car is supposed to feature new engines and will have dissimilar front end fascia too. At the time of its arrival, it seems like US mid-size truck market will become one of the busiest.

4. Rolls Royce Cullinan

Next, there is Rolls Royce Cullinan too. It is actually hard to guess how the automaker of this car will present this new model. However, one thing that is certain about the car is that it will be as luxurious as you ever thought.

Moreover, it might be not as heavy as many people expect about it before. In fact, Rolls Royce is manufacturing its new model with aluminum. Then for the engine, it seems like the car will be powered by twin-turbo V12 engine from the Rolls Royce.

5. Jaguar I-Pace

Another automaker that wants to market its first all-electric vehicle is coming. Through the I-Pace, Jaguar is going to start electric car lineups for 2019 model year. As you may have ever imagined, it will be a crossover.

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This new car model from Jaguar will not be an electric car which comes in contemporary design only. It will also offer other features that are worth anticipating for like its powerful engine and beneficial powertrain.

Final Thoughts

Those are some of the most anticipated 2019 cars that are worth waiting for. Actually, there are some other new models like Cadillac CT8 and Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. If you are left by the 2018 lineups, it is perfect for you to wait for these new 2019 models.

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