Top Reasons Why You Need to Be Thrilled for Traveling to Indonesia

Indonesia has become one of the most favorite countries to visit for traveler around the world. Thanks to its huge size, there is always a new thing to discover as well. With numerous islands which all have its own unique character, Indonesia is no doubt an exciting destination that never stops to get you impressed and amazed.

Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Indonesia in Your Next Vacation

Hasn’t had the time yet for traveling to Indonesia? Then, you may consider your next vacation to explore this country. Before you go, here are the five reasons to love and visit this country on your next holiday.

1. Locals

Most locals in Indonesia are absolutely friendly. With those locals welcome you everywhere you go, it must be a nice place to spend a quality vacation with your family and friends. It is safe to say that a lot of Indonesians are just extremely genuine. They will help you without wanting something in return.

Generally, they are all hospitable and able to treat every traveler with respect (of course as long as you also give the similar respect back). Then, they will do their best to make enjoy their country and feel comfortable.

2. The Food

If you have heard about Nasi Goreng, Rendang and Chicken Satay, those are some of the huge list of popular Indonesian food. It’s no secret that Indonesian cuisine is popular for its deliciousness. More interestingly, the food here is very cheap. Whether you go for restaurant or street food, you will be able to get high-quality, tasty meals with affordable price.

3. Exciting Culture

When it comes to traveling to Indonesia, we shouldn’t forget about the exciting culture that the country has too. As a large country, there is no doubt that Indonesia has plenty of unique cultures for you to explore.

Wherever you travel in Indonesia, you will be able to find various traditional musical styles and dances that add unforgettable experience to your holiday.

4. The Thousands of Islands

Indonesia is formed by so many islands. You must be familiar with Bali. However, there are some other islands that are worth to explore such as Komodo Island, Gili Island and more. What makes it interesting is that each island offers unique charm that makes every one of it worth a peek.

5. The nature

Once you come to Indonesia, you will know that this country has a fantastic nature along with a rich fauna and flora. If you love to swim, sunbath or snorkel, Indonesia has so many paradise-like beaches that will bless your eyes.

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Not to mention those cool volcanoes that becomes favorite spots to witness breathtakingly beautiful sunrise above the clouds. There is no doubt that you will have endless choices to explore.

Final Thoughts

So, are you ready to go traveling to Indonesia? For sure, you will have a huge range of destinations to visit once you decide to travel to this country. You can start by searching for the must-visit destinations in Indonesia and select the one that you love the best. Happy traveling!

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