Awesome Travel Hacks You’ll Ever Need, No. 6 Is Crucial

Everything about traveling is fun. But, we can’t deny that there can be some stressors which may ruin our travel experience. To avoid things like that happen and make sure that you get the fun part of traveling, here we have 7 awesome travel hacks to make your vacation fun and comfortable.

Travel Hacks before You Leave

1. Opt for a home instead of hotel

Instead looking for a hotel, you can consider reserving for a home when you are traveling with your family or a single room only when you are alone. You can visit accommodation marketplace on the internet that provides homes, guesthouses or private rooms as an alternative.

2. Roll your clothes

If you always find packing time is hard, you should try this travel hack. Instead of making a folded pile of clothes in your luggage, rolling your clothes will give you more space to fill in. Plus, you are able to roll your socks and underwear within the clothes for more optimal space-saving.

3. Let your credit or debit card carrier know

It is essential to let your credit or debit card provider before you leave for vacation to make sure that you have authorized card for foreign destination. It will prevent your card carrier to suspect withdrawal activity suspicious.

Travel Hacks for the Departure

4. Bring a water bottle with you

It is not only about drink cost, but the number of times the water is offered for you during your flight might be quite exhausting too. Bringing a water bottle with you will make sure that you have water every time you want it. Plus, when they come around to offer you, you can top off your own bottle.

5. Go to bathroom before you land

Going for the bathroom is one of the awesome travel hacks that you can count on too. It might sound simple, but it will ensure your comfort. Normally when the seatbelt light switches on, there are about 15 minutes until you truly need to be seated. Use this chance to relive yourself as well as to prevent fighting for restrooms later.

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Travel Hacks after You Arrive

6. Go to ATMs to get local currency

Going to money converters available in the airport normally come with fees and also exchange rate. On the other hand, ATMs always distribute local currency, for sure, so just use your own debit or credit card to get your cash there.

7. Remove only necessities when you arrive

When you arrive at your accommodation, just remove necessities from your luggage. Don’t do like you are at home by removing shoes and other things since it will only create repacking harder. Then, it will also improve the chance to forget something when you need to go home.


Those are the seven awesome travel hacks that you can do for a fun and comfortable travel. Now, you can try to do these hacks when you are traveling next time! Finally, have fun and happy traveling!

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