Solo Travelers, Here the Best Cities in Europe for Traveling Alone

Are you planning to travel to Europe soon or later? For sure there are numerous best cities in Europe for traveling that we can choose for. However, if you are a solo traveler and want to get the most of your time while exploring Europe alone, our list of recommended destinations to visit here must be helpful.

The 6 Best Places in Europe that Perfect to Travel Solo

If you are traveling alone to Europe, here are some of the best places that you shouldn’t miss on your bucket list.

#1 Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is no doubt a perfect destination to travel solo for three major reasons: it’s the safest country around the globe, it’s popular which means a lot solo travelers are around and it can be one of most beautiful country to visit in this world as well.

#2 Berlin, Germany

There are many travelers who end up loving Berlin and consider making a comeback to here. It offers a fantastic counter culture and night life that many young people tend to come here with an aim to socializing.

Whether you love to go out for a nightclub or a bar or take a free walking tour around Berlin, you will meet people so easily in Berlin.

#3 Granada, Spain

Exploring the city center of Granada even at night will give you a safe feeling. It is very easy to make friends in hotel or even in bar since everyone comes out for tapas. As one of the best cities in Europe for traveling, you won’t feel like alone as you drink something at a bar or get some foods at restaurant.

#4 Barcelona, Spain

Still in Spain, there is also Barcelona which is another perfect city to visit if you are traveling solo. What makes it a nice destination for traveling is because it is generally an inexpensive destination. You can go shopping and get some meals and public transportation for cheap while you are there.

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More interestingly, this city also offers rich culture, history and art that you can enjoy. In general, it will be a nice place to visit especially if you are traveling on a budget.

#5 Bologna, Italy

There are two reasons why Bologna is surely a fantastic place that you shouldn’t miss. It is the food and the locals. Becoming a university town, Bologna offers safer and such nice community for travelers. The locals are so friendly and the foods you can have in Bologna are just mouth-watering too!

#6 Stockholm, Sweden

This city offers a beautiful, walk-able city centre with a safe and egalitarian environment. The streets are all tidy and clean. More interestingly, there are many things to do and enjoy too. You can explore the historic centre or get relax on its gorgeous islands.

Final Words

Then, it makes you unable to wait for your traveling to Europe, doesn’t it? Now, choose your best cities in Europe for traveling and explore the city happily and without any worry. Happy traveling!

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