3 Most Romantic Places to Travel with Your Lover

If you and your lover enjoy traveling together, finding the most romantic places to travel together must be a routine for both of you. Well, romance is in the air and there are so many stunning destinations around the world that are perfect for your romantic gateway.

Here, we have ranked the top 7 places around the world that will be a perfect place to travel with your lover. So, let’s check this out!

#1 Bali

If you need a romantic and beautiful place to go with your partner, Bali is no doubt one of the places that must be on your bucket list.

Things to do: You can book a night or two in a kind of hanging garden hotel in Ubud or try to get villa with panoramic pool.
Why it is romantic: Just take a look to several photos of Bali hotel and other attractions and you will know what it means.
When to go: It can be a perfect place for your lovely proposal. So, will you shout “I do” to a vacation in Bali?

#2 Easter Island

Easter Island is another place that offers breathtaking view. More importantly, this place can also offer you such romantic atmosphere too.

Things to do: You can watch the stunning sunset near the Hanga Roa’s Moai with your lover. Take a picture together with beautiful sunset as the background will leave romantic trace as well.
Why it is romantic: Well, sunset is always romantic, isn’t it? Just think about having your partner beside you for witnessing sunset on the beach, it must be lovely.
When to go: It can be a perfect place for couples that want to discover the world together.

#3 Ushuaia 

This is another most romantic place in the planet that you should check it out by yourself with your partner.

Things to do: You can come for visiting the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse and obtain such amazing memory here.
Why it is romantic: This place is known as the southernmost city in this planet or in another word it is the end of the world. Your trip here with your loved one will be like the beginning of everything to become a couple.
When to go: It’s best for you to go here when you are ready to walk with your partner until the end of this world.

Those are some of the most romantic places to travel with your lover. There are actually some other destinations that you can take into account. Places like Bangkok, Paris and Venice have various romantic destinations that will make your romantic trip memorable.

There have been so many iconic locations in those places that witness a lot of marriage proposals. And there is no doubt that you will fall in love with these beautiful places as well. So, that’s all some of the most romantic destinations around the world that are perfect for a couple trip. Now, what are you waiting for?

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