Beginner Guide to Graphic Design: Quick-Start to Learn It Yourself

When you want to learn graphic design for the first time, a beginner guide to graphic design is a must. This is because you will need some basic guides and tutorials before mastering more advanced topics in this field. Therefore, this article comes to help you on learning the basic things to comprehend as a beginner to graphic design.

A Beginner Guide to Learn Graphic Designs

What makes learning graphic design interesting is that you do not always need a formal education to do so. In some cases, you can even learn it by yourself at home. This is because we have entered the world of DIY education where you can find a lot of materials to learn everything yourself. For learning graphic designs, here are some points to consider.

Find a Good Source to Learn

The main beginner guide to graphic design if you want to learn the basic concept yourself is by finding an excellent source to learn it. From books to online tutorial videos, it is very easy to find sources to learn graphic design nowadays. You can simply go to your browser and search for a guide to graphic design, there will be many to choose from.

Understand the Basics of Graphic Design

Once you find a good source where you can get a complete beginner guide to graphic design, you should first embrace yourself with principles as well as theory of graphic design before taking more advance topics. There are some principles that can influence every project you will create in the future, so don’t skip this topic as foundation of your education.

Shape, Rhythm and Spacing

First, you need to get to know more about these basic principles of graphic design. It is important for you to master these three techniques before you can go to the next level. If your source doesn’t provide material about shape, spacing and rhythm, you can find other beginner guide to graphic design which discuss about them.

Texture, Color and Imagery

Next, it is also important to comprehend the basic theory of color as your initial education. In addition to color, texture which can improve the feel of your design is also important in basic education. To complete it, don’t forget to learn further about imagery too. Mastering the basic of these three points will make your practice getting well.

Select a Niche

In this beginner guide to graphic design, it is recommended for you to choose a specialty as well. A great designer can be skilled in various graphic design aspects, but selecting an area of expertise is important. By selecting an area you want to be specialized in, you will be more focus on learning everything about it.

Apply Your Skills

The last, once you start to develop a design skill, it is a good idea to apply your skills to daily objects. You can start to do some projects and gain as much information as possible to improve your design skills. At this point, you can think of finding a good community for beginner guide to graphic design.

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