Tutorial How to Install Windows 10 on Your Computer

A tutorial how to install Windows 10 will be a helpful guide for you who want to change your computer’s operating system with Windows 10. If you have an experience of installing the older version of Windows such as 8 or even XP, it seems like you won’t find it hard to install Windows 10. But, if you are new to this, check this out!

Step-by-Step to Install Windows 10 on Your PC

Actually, there are a few ways to install this operating system on your PC. Whether you are upgrading from the previous versions of Windows or installing it as brand new operating system, the installation process is basically simple. If you are installing new operating system, here is the tutorial how to install Windows 10.

Step 1: Select the OS’ Language

Whether you use a bootable DVD or USB flash drive, the first screen you are going to see on the installation process will be a dialogue to select language to install, input method and also currency and time format. If you have finished on setting the language as well as other preferences, you can continue by click the “Next” button.

Step 2: Install the OS

On the next step on this tutorial how to install Windows 10, it is clear that you have to click “Install Now” if you are ready to install the operating system. Similar to Windows 8.x, you will have an option to repair your PC. In case you select this option, you are going to arrive at the Troubleshoot screen.

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In this case, you will have some options including resetting your computer, re-installing your Windows where you can either get rid of your files or keep it and accessing more choices for advanced troubleshooting. If you skip this process, you can still get in touch with advanced startup options after finishing the installation process through Windows 10’s Settings app.

Step 3: Enter the Product Key

On any tutorial how to install Windows 10, you will need to enter Windows product key which can be discovered on the confirmation email or the online order info or on the packaging of your Windows DVD. Once you enter the product key, you can select “Next” and then get to read the license terms. Read them and then accept it to continue.

Step 4: Select How You Install the OS

Next, you will see a screen that asks your preference on how you want to install the operating system on your computer. On any tutorial how to install Windows10, there will be two options either to perform a custom install or an upgrade. Read the difference of these two carefully before determining your choices. You can choose “Help” to learn more.

Step 5: Select Where to Install the OS

Finally, you need to select which drive where you want to install this operating system. At this step, it is possible for you to format your drive as well. If you have chosen the drive, you can continue by clicking “Next” button and wait until the installation process is done. That’s all the tutorial how to install Windows 10.

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