Smart Tips to Extend Battery Life of Your Laptop

Thanks to the improvements of mobile technology, modern laptops nowadays are much more powerful than before. They are more efficient as well that resulting greater battery lives. Nevertheless, they still require to be plugged in throughout the day.

While the battery life of a laptop is the main reason of mobile moans, it isn’t impossible to get necessary advancement by a few software tweaks and good practices. To help you get much longer battery life, the following are smart tips to extend battery life of your laptop.

5 Easy, Smart Tips to Get a Longer Laptop Battery Life

1. Change your power settings

If you are a user of Windows 10, you can actually benefit the great power features offered by your system. In this case, you are able to get the best performance you need when you are plugged in while get battery life optimization when you are on the move.

Simply search ‘power options’ in your search box and select ‘Power Saver’ on the list. There are actually some other methods to save battery life on Windows 10 such setting to power off your monitor and get into sleep mode faster.

2. Dim your screen

Believe it or not, your laptop’s screen is one of the parts on your laptop that consumes high amount of battery power. It makes sense since it needs battery power to keep the display looking bright and clear. And the best way to save the power is actually by turning down the brightness.

Generally, the screen brightness button is located on your keyboard as the part of the F keys functions. It is usually presented by a symbol of little sun with up and down icons.

3. Turn off Wi-Fi

Turning off Wi-Fi is the other tips to extend battery life of your laptop. When you’re not using Wi-Fi connection but your wireless adaptor is still on, it will drain the battery life by looking for networks since it is not connected. That’s why it is better for you to turn it off especially when there is no available Wi-Fi network around.

4. Eject your peripherals

Having a peripheral working on your laptop is a big drain for your battery power since your motherboard needs to power them. That’s why it is better for you to unplug everything to save your battery on the move.

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USB stick, webcam and mouse are the common ones. So, copy any necessary information soon and then eject it once you finish.

5. Invest in some hardware

Some good practices above are great to extend your power, but if you use the laptop throughout the day, you will end up needing some help. Many laptops come in six-cell battery, but nowadays a lot of manufacturers provide eight or 12-cell optional upgrades.

But, it might be expensive. As an alternative, there is portable laptop battery charger that can add valuable extra hours for your devices.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you have known some smart and easy tips to extend battery life of your laptop. Now, all you need to do is performing these good practices and get a longer battery life!

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