Shopping for a New Computer? Here the Things to Consider when Buying a Computer

When entering the computer marketplace, it is super easy to get confused with the one that you really need and want. When your shop assistant may lead you to the one they are intended for, you may end up lose sight of your aims or even your budget. Then, what should you do?

Top Three Things to Think about When Shopping for a Computer

Before you get drawn to your confusion later on the computer shop, it is better for you to learn several things to consider before buying a computer. So, let’s check this out!

#1 Know what you want and set a realistic budget

The first thing when buying a computer is to know what you actually want and need and then set a realistic budget for it. You may want the best one, but you should remember to get the one that you can afford.

Then, ask yourself this question too: what do you need the most, a desktop or a laptop? If you wish for something that you can carry everywhere, of course you need a laptop. If you have done with the option, you just need to adjust your goals and your budget so that it can be compatible to each other.

#2 Look at the specifications

Whether you decide to buy desktop or laptop, one of the things to consider when buying a computer is the specifications. Here are some of the things that you should choose wisely in this case.

The processor

We cannot deny that processor is one of the most essential factors when buying a computer. Every processor has different capacity and speed. When Intel and AMD are the leading manufacturers for processor, you can consider these two options and go for the family.


Basically, the more RAMs or computer memories you have, the more applications and browsers you can open without any problem. Nowadays, RAM for computer has become bigger. 4GB is now the most basic one.

However, if you need to use the computer for gaming, photo or video editing, you may need to consider buying the one with minimally 16GB of RAM.

Hard Drive

This is another thing that you must take into account. Nowadays, computer usually comes with 500GB and 750GB hard drive space. However, since more people start to store their information online, you may rethink of purchasing a big hard drive space.

Now, there are a lot of cloud storage services as well. For the free one, you can consider Mega, pCloud, Dropbox, Google and MediaFire.


When many computers nowadays come with a kind of built-in graphics, you may like to consider the one which comes with a litter better graphic from AMD or NVIDIA. These options can make you have better computer resolution.

Computer Software and Anti-Virus Software

Most computers nowadays are using Microsoft Software. On the other hand, for those who want to cut off their budgets on buying computer software, they can consider using operating system which is based on Linux.

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In addition to the computer software, anti-virus software is also essential for every computer. Choose a good anti-virus program to protect your computer from virus and spy.

#3 Think about warranty

Next, you can also take warranty into account. It will be beneficial if there is a problem happening to your computer. When the warranty period is still on, you can claim for the warranty so that you don’t need to spend money when there is any problem.


In brief, there are a few things to consider when buying a computer. In addition to think about the budget, you need to consider the computer’s specification and also the warranty. Good luck!

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