How to Shower Your Cat According to Veterinarian

So you decide to bathe your cat and search for some advices on how to shower your cat properly. When taking your cat or kitten to pet groomer is no doubt an easier way to do, you might consider bathing your lovely cat at home to save money. Then, how can we bathe our cat at home? This article will tell you how.

Approved Advices to Shower Your Cat Properly

Whatever the reasons to shower your cat at home, it is important that you do the jobs properly to make sure that you and your cat doesn’t get any trouble. It’s no secret that majority cats will respond negatively to get a bath. To make your attempt to bathe your car success, here is the guide on how to shower your cat correctly.

Get Your Car Ready for Shower

The first part will be getting your cat or kitten ready for a shower. Start with trimming your cat’s claws to diminish the damage it may cause when it becomes energized as it is covered in water. It is recommended to do this several hours or a few days before the shower to give time for your cat calming down before bathing.

After that, it is also suggested to brush your cat before bathing. This step is a must on how to shower your cat currency according to veterinarian. This is because brushing your cat can help to get rid of tangles and knots in the fur that will be much harder and more painful to remove once it gets wet.

Get the Bathroom Ready

Next, prepare the bathroom too. At this part, make sure to close your bathroom door to keep your pet from running away. If your bathroom has a toilet, make sure to keep the lid down at all times since your cat might jump to the toilet out of fear. Then, you should make the tub secure by laying down a towel or rubber mat.

The next step on how to shower your cat correctly is to arrange the tubs. In this step, fill the tub you use with several inches of warm water before carrying the cat in the bathroom. Then, prepare for tools and other things around your tub since you won’t be able to be calm once you start bathing the cat.

Bathe Your Cat

Now, it is the time for you to get your cat a shower. There are some advices that you should take into account at this point. First, make sure to keep the control of your cat. On this advice of how to shower your cat, it is a good idea to talk to it in quiet, calm voice as you wash it.

Then, it is also recommended to avoid fighting your cat since a scared cat can surely make a serious harm to a human. It is important to avoid being nervous to since your cat might respond the same way. The last on this advice on how to shower your cat is to keep shampoo out of the cat’s nose, ears, eyes and mouth.

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