Best Technology Inventions of All Time That You Should Know

Have you ever thought about the best technology inventions of all time? Nowadays, we cannot disagree with the fast growing technology that makes everything easier. As new technology comes to play like every day, there are actually some most noted technology inventions that are significantly changing the way we live nowadays. Thus, what are they?

The 5 Most Noted Technology Inventions of All Time

When we are discussing about technology, it is for sure a core element of human experience. We have been generating various tools to assist us on surviving in the planet. Among the wide variety of inventions around the world, there are actually some which are considered as the best technology of all time. Here are some of the inventions under the discussion.

#1 Optical Lenses

From glasses to telescopes and microscopes, optical lenses have significantly expanded the prospects of our vision. First created by ancient Mesopotamians and Egyptians, optical lenses surely have such long history with Ancient Greeks as another contributor. Nowadays, optical lenses have been used more widely. It becomes a significant component of various media technologies involved in television, film and photography.

#2 Electricity

When it comes to the best technology inventions of all time, we shouldn’t forget the electricity. Just imagine the world without electricity. It must be hard, isn’t it? Similar to optical lenses, electricity also has such a long history starting from the ancient Greece and Egypt. We cannot deny that it is difficult to underestimate the importance of electricity nowadays.

#3 Robot

From helping the production of automobiles to ease the work of various industries, robot is just another one of the best technology inventions of all time. In today’s modern life, the use of robot has been considerably increased as well. In Japan, there is even a robot which functions to greet guest at a hotel. It is inevitable that robot has made life easier.

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#4 Smartphone

Many people cannot disagree that smartphone is just another greatest technology invention ever. In today’s modern life, it becomes a quite difficult to pass the day without smartphone. It has ability to access more contents than a simple mobile phone. With features like Wi-Fi, GPS, voice control and more, smartphone is just something that must be considered as the best technology inventions of all time.

#5 Computer

When we add smartphone to the list, it will be bad to forget computer on this list. Since the initial day of its invention, computer has become a great tool which influences most part of our lives. It is the one that makes it possible to send people to the moon. It is the one that makes it possible to create artificial intelligence and others.

A Final Word of Best Technology Inventions

Those are several greatest technology inventions ever. In addition to those mentioned inventions, we cannot deny that there are some other ones that are deserved to be mentioned such as internet, wireless telegraph, radio, vaccination, cars, airplane, rockets and nuclear fission. Finally, now you have known some of the best technology inventions of all time.

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