How to Say No to Smoking

You’ve already known that quit smoking is the best thing ever you can do to improve your health. But on the other hand, you also know that stop smoking is very challenging and it may take several trials until you can actually succeed.

So, how to say no to smoking? For good reason, there are actually some proven strategies that you can do to reach this goal. So, let’s check this out!

First: Write down your reasons to stop it

Create a list of all reasons you have to stop smoking. Your list may include something like:

Lower the risk of various diseases,
Improve overall health,
Save money
Not expose family and friends as secondhand smokers
Set a good sample for your kids
Get away from the bad smell of tobacco smoke

Every time you have a thought to pick up your cigarette, remember to read your list once again to remind yourself that you need to stop smoking.

Second: Consider other ways to stop

Most people have been success to stop smoking by setting a date to do so and then abruptly quitting on that date. But, if you think that it will be difficult to stop completely, you can consider doing stop-smoking process by cutting back your smoking gradually.

In this case, you should build a good practice of delaying your first cigarette every day, gradually lengthening the time between cigarettes, smoking just half of the cigarette, buying just one cigarette pack at a time and exchanging your ‘cigarette time’ with physical activity.

Third: Talk to your doctor

Another way to say no to smoking is by talking to your doctors about treatments. There are actually some possible treatments to lessen your cravings toward cigarette such as nicotine replacement therapy.

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Moreover, it is possible that your doctor recommends you to take medication like varenicline (Chantix) and bupropion (Zyban) to decrease your nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Fourth: Tell your family and friends

It is also a good idea to tell your friends, co-workers and family that you have a plan to quit smoking. Let them recognize how they can do to support you. For instance, you can consider these following ideas:

Plan outings or other activities together with them to make you forget smoking
Ask your friends or co-workers who smoke to not to do it around you or try to offer you
Request that they shouldn’t criticize or judge about your plan to quit smoking

Fifth: Avoid any smoking trigger

Identify situation and place that trigger you to smoke and then try to avoid them. For instance, you can chill out with those who don’t smoke, build a new routine that isn’t related to smoking like chewing gum and keep yourself busy during boredom times.

Final Words

With all of those tips in mind, there is no doubt that you will be able to say no to smoking progressively. At the end, when you make it, you can treat yourself with something special to celebrate your success on quit smoking. Good luck!

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