5 Must-have First Aid Kit for Your Medicine Cabinet

Stocking your cabinet with medications for first aid kit is a must. When there are thousands of medications available out there, you can simply stock for the most important ones that you and your family need the most.

Even though every home may have different issue related to health problem, there are actually some of the most must-have first aid kit medicines that you better have in your cabinet. So, here they are.

#1 Pain Medication for Back Pain, Headache and Ankle Sprain

If you want to put only one medicine in your cabinet, then medication that is used to treat pain will be the one. This is because various conditions as well as most injuries result pain. That’s why you will be more likely to search for this one at home.

Acetaminophen is considered as the most basic medication for combating pain. It is basically safe for everyone and it doesn’t have such bad side effects as well. You just need to make sure that you take the recommended dose only.

Moreover, you can also stock anti-inflammatory medicines like naproxen or ibuprofen to treat pain while calking down the inflammation.

#2 Relief from Heart Burn or Indigestion 

Greasy, fatty and spicy foods are more than enough to make a mess with your digestion. This is why you need to keep a packet of Tums or a bottle of Maalox inside your cabinet for infrequent indigestion-relief.

Nevertheless, if you find any sign of heart burn, stomach discomfort or bloating that occurs in regular basis regardless what you eat, it is highly recommended to check it immediately to your healthcare provider.

#3 Cough Suppressant for a Dry Cough

It’s no secret that cough is very uncomfortable. Sometimes it is hard for us to even control the cough. That’s why a cough suppressant such as dextromethorphan is a must inside your medicine cabinet. It will be a good saviour for you when a dry cough comes without alert.

Then, for cough that sounds more chesty is better to be soothed by using expectorants like guaifenesin that can be helpful to make it easier for soothing the cough.

#4 Quick Relief for Diarrhea

Diarrhea is another health problem that comes without any warning and it can be happened in everyone. The causes are numerous as well. It can be food poisoning, viral illness, viral illness and so on. To deal with this problem, medications like diphenoxylate, loperamide and bismuth subsalicylate are helpful.

Keep it in mind that not every anti-diarrheal medication is suitable for everyone. So, you can plan ahead by consulting with your doctor first before stocking for the medications.

#5 Basic Wound Dressings for Cuts

The last but not least, you should also have the basic first aid kit: wound dressing! Injuries are very common around the home. So, it is important for you to have products that can perform basic first aid for wound before you go for professional health care when it is severe.

That’s all the top five must-have first aid kit medicines that you need to keep inside your cabinet. So, check your cabinet and see which one is not available there then stock it now!

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