Here Are the Friendliest Pets to Own for Your Kids

What are the friendliest pets to own when you have kids around you? With a lot of animals around the world, we cannot deny that there are only some of them that are friendly enough to pet. When having a pet can be a pleasing experience for your kids, it must be great to have one or two at home.

Top 5 Friendliest Pets for Your Kids

When it comes to owning a pet, there are actually a few benefits that you can provide for your kids. In addition to introduce other living creature for them, you can use the pets to teach your kids about dependability and responsibility. Now the question is what kind of pet that is best for kids? Here are some friendliest pets to own you can consider.

1. Fish

A cute, small fish can be an ideal ‘starter’ pet for your kids. However, not just any fish can be a perfect choice. Among variety of fish species available out there, goldfish can be the best one to choose. However, they can be basically harder to rise compared to Siamese fighting fish. This option won’t require any filters, aerators, chemicals or heaters.

2. Reptiles

When you first hear about reptiles, you might think about snakes or crocodilians. In fact, there are some friendliest pets to own that come from the class of reptilian. One of the best choices will be tortoise or turtles. This kind of reptile can live for years and can be a cute choice for your kids. However, make sure to research particular care requirements.

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3. Birds

Birds can be the other best pets for your kids. However, having a bird can be more challenging than caring for fish or tortoise. Some birds are extremely smart while others are highly social. But, all birds need almost every day attention. If your kids love birds, you can consider having a cheap parakeet as an excellent choice of friendliest pets to own.

4. Rabbits

Another great pet option for kids is rabbits. Rabbits can bond closely to the owners and are generally interactive. More importantly, it can make excellent companion as well for your kids. With proper care, it is possible to make rabbits for living to their teens as well. Just like cats and dogs, you can teach it to get along too.

5. Rodents

Smaller mammals like rodents can be the next friendliest pets to own. For this case, there are some possible choices including hamsters, rats and guinea pigs. These three rodents are typically easy to rise. Rats are considered as the smartest among rodents and many enjoy being challenged by the owners. They are also clean and neat.

Those are the top five friendliest pets you can have for your kids. Actually, there are some other options that you can take into account like cats and dogs. But, whatever your choice will be, remember to take a good care of the animal and let the kids play with them under your guidance. Now, you can choose one of these friendliest pets to own!

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