7 Simple and Easy Ways on How to Get More Storage on PC

If you are familiar with running out of storage space on your PC, you are not alone. Running out of storage space is more than just inconvenient; it also slows down your Windows too. Fortunately, there are some ways on how to get more storage on PC that you can learn. The good news is that it can add more storage to your PC.
The 7 Simple and Easy Ways to Get More Storage on Your PC

#1 Install a New Hard Drive

First of all, you can consider adding a new hard drive to your desktop PC. Most desktops PCs own one or even more empty 3.5” drive bays that can be utilized. Installing a new drive will be simply a matter of fitting it into the empty bay and connecting it to your PC’s motherboard with the right cable. 

You can use the new hard drive as secondary storage to save a large video or music collection, for instance. On the other hand, you can consider reinstalling the Windows on the new drive and reuse the old one for something else. You can take a 2TB hard drive if you want to make more expanding space.

#2 Add a Solid State Drive

Another way on how to get more storage on PC is by adding a solid state drive. A Solid state disk (SSD) drive is now considered as an upgrade for the traditional hard drive. SSDs have nothing like moving parts. Instead, they store data on flash memory chips make it a bit similar to USB flash drive. 

It makes SSDs extremely robust and absolutely fast too. Compared to hard drives, they are also a lot quieter since they lack of moving parts. Installing a new SSD is nearly as effective as purchasing a new PC. This is because your Windows will be able to boot in matter of seconds and other applications can launch fast too.

#3 Consider Using External Drive

If you consider expanding your PC’s storage for personal files and you aren’t really concerned about a compact set-up, investing on external drive can be a good option. As one of the simple way on how to get more storage on PC, using external drive allows you to use the drive across multiple PCs too.

#4 Use a NAS Drive

For you who have a home network, considering using network attached storage (NAS) drive is a good choice. NAS drive is basically a hard drive with Ethernet network port which connects to a router to turn into part of a network. When you use this drive, any PC on the same network will be able to utilize the drive. 

Nowadays, there is also a model of NAS drive that can be accessed by tablets and smartphones for listening to music and watching films. It is easy and simple to install even though some models may take a bit more effort to install since the model is designed for sharing with more than one computer. 

#5 Use Cloud Storage

Thanks to the internet, there is a way on how to get more storage on PC which is effective for everyone. It is simple and there are so many cloud computing systems that offer cloud storage for free. You don’t need to install anything, just access your data over the internet anytime and anywhere you like.

Final Thoughts

All in all, there are actually various ways that you can do to expand your PC’s storage. You can consider installing new storage device or simply use cloud storage service to store your data and file. That’s all some simple ways on how to get more storage on PC, now you can try to practice them and free up more space!

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