Parents, This Is the Internet Safety Tips for Kids that You Should Know

Social networking sites can help your kids to stay in touch with their friends. There is no disagreement about that. However, it’s no secret that there are online predators that might be lurking. As a result, learning internet safety tips for kids is an essential part of smart parenting.

5 Tips for Kids’ Internet Safety that Every Parent Should Know
To help your kids benefit internet while staying away from various dangerous risks out there, here are some internet safety tips that you can do to help protecting your kids while letting them to use internet for learning tool.
#1 Put the Computer in Family Room
Rather than allowing your kids to have their own computer in their room, keeping a family computer in family room will be a good idea. It is also recommended for you to set a ground rules and use a password on the computer so that your kids cannot use the computer without your permission.

#2 Know your kids’ passwords
You can consider making it compulsory for your kids to share their password with you when they are going to use email accounts, social media accounts and so on. Another internet safety tips for kids at this point is that you should make sure your kids utilize privacy settings especially on their social networking accounts.

In this case, encourage your kids to set their accounts to be viewed by people that they trust and know only. Then, tell them to never “friend” or “follow” anyone online that they don’t know.

#3 Set parental controls on the computer
Luckily, there are numerous types of software available out there to prevent your kids from visiting or opening inappropriate websites on the online world. One of the way to control what you want your kids visit and see on the internet is by controlling your settings through your ISP if they offer parental control services.

#4 Make sure your kids don’t post photos by their own
It’s easy for predators to hold the photos your kids posted. You should tell them to never post photos of themselves on any social networking site, share them via instant messaging or email them to friends.
On this internet safety tips for kids, keep in mind that what goes online is possible to stay there forever and tell your kids in age-appropriate way about it.

#5 Monitor your kids’ activity on the internet
Monitoring your kids’ activity on the internet is a must. It includes any charge your kids may make to any download, a credit card and websites that they have visited. You can simply open the history tab or menu to learn where your kids have been surfing and also what they have been doing.

Final Thoughts
Now, you have known some of the tips to help protecting your kids from the danger of internet. And one more thing: try to make your home computer the only one that your kids can do a contact with. So, practice these internet safety tips for kids and get your kids more protected. 

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