Simple Tutorial to Create a Website for Beginner

If you are seeking for a simple tutorial to create a website for beginner, you have come to the right place. Nowadays, owning a website provides a lot of benefits especially if you are planning to make additional income online. But, before enjoying all the benefits you are expected to get, developing a website is the ultimate goal at this point.

Step-by-Step Tutorial to Build a Website for Beginner

There are actually a lot of different platforms available when you want to build a website. What is interesting at this point is that most of the platforms offer free platform that you can try before upgrading it to more professional bundle. And here’s the step-by-step guide to develop your very first website and start blogging.

Step 1: Get a Web Hosting and Domain Name

In any tutorial to create a website, it will be ideal to start with registering for a domain name and obtaining web hosting. Most platforms will require you to set up domain name and web hosting as you start. When it comes to the domain name, look for one that seems professional but also catchy at the same time.

Moreover, for obtaining a web hosting, you can find a web hosting provider that provides best services for you. A web hosting comes with certain expenses that you need to take into account. You should choose a website hosting plan that suits your needs. On this tutorial to create a website, you can consider trying the basic package first.

Step 2: Set Up the Website

Now that you have gained a web hosting and also domain name, you can continue setting up your website. At this step, you should first install your website platform to the domain that you have obtained before. It can be done as simple as logging into your hosting account and look for the platform logo to install it to your website.

Step 3: Design the Website

The next step on this tutorial to create a website is to design the website. Once you completed installing your website platform, you will see a clean, basic site that needs to be arranged. At this point, start with selecting a theme. Every website platform is typically coming with various design templates that you can choose as you please.

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You can take your time to find a theme or design platform you like. When choosing a theme, make sure that you consider about the type of website you are going to build too. If you find one you love, install it. Once you think you want to change the theme during this tutorial to create a website, you can simply change it.

Step 4: Add Content to the Website

The last but not least, you should put in content to your website. You can start by creating a page of About Me or Services before adding the main content like posts, images or something. You can go as creative as you like at this step. Once you have done with this tutorial to create a website, you will be ready to publish your website.

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