Getting Tired of the Busy Life? Take This Healthy Getaway with Your Friends

Now that you’ve been so damn tired of the hustle bustle of life that seems never fallen asleep, you start to think that you need to take a weekend getaway with your friends. When there are practically so many getaway choices out there, try something that is more healthy than just fun will be a good idea.

4 Healthy Getaways to Take with Your Friends

You may love to take wine tour because it seems to be fun. However, it won’t guarantee you returning home feeling re-energized. Instead, visiting some of the best places that can give you a healthy break will be perfect. So, here we go!

#1 Yoga at Billabong Retreat, Sydney

If you always want to try yoga, but you feel like there is no chance to go in a class, this healthy getaway idea must be perfect for you. Here, you will find an inclusive as well as friendly approach that will make your yoga time much more exciting.

There is no need to feel scared or intimidated because the program also offers extra wellness treatments such as hypnotherapy, kinesiology and reiki. The cost of the program usually includes classes, activities, meals and also drinks.

#2 Detox and Destress at Gwinganna, Gold Coast Hinterland

It is safe to say that this is one of the most popular healthy getaways in the country. It has that legendary spa that you should check out for distressing and detoxing. More interestingly, the spa is located in such picturesque locations that will surely heal you inside and outside.

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There are various treatments offered here. You can try that program to restores balance and various spa treatments including aromatherapy treatment.

#3 Pamper and Reset at Revivo, Nusa Dua

For healthy getaway with your friends, a place that offers luxury and wellness wisdom like Revivo in Nusa Dua Bali is basically hard to resist. There is no doubt that it will be a perfect getaway that you ever dreamed of.

It offers beautiful outdoor space, art fitness studios, impeccable interiors and five-star service that you won’t ever regret. There are various retreat programs offered here including detox, emotional balance, sleep well, anti-ageing and others.

#4 Enjoy the Waters at Peninsula Hot Springs, Mornington

What is more enjoyable than indulge in a hot spring? Taking a natural hot spring has been popular to treat anxiety and many other problems since in the ancient time. If you want to go for a hot spring for your weekend gateway, Peninsula Hot Springs in Mornington can be the best choice.

You can enjoy such private pool with geothermal mineral-rich water and treat yourselves such a perfect healing activity. The program usually includes beauty massage or facial, private bathing and more.

Final Thoughts

So, have you got any good idea after reading some of the wellness getaway options above? Now, choose your perfect healthy getaway with your friends and go for it! Instead of coming home in hangover, this getaway idea will make you come back home rejuvenated. Good luck!

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