Essential Car Insurance Features to Be Listed on Your Policy

A good car insurance policy must be the one that acquires the essential car insurance features. There is no doubt that you will find various features as you are applying for a car insurance in certain provider. However, have you known which features must be included in your policy? This article will tell you the essential features to be aware of.

The Four Essential Features for Your Car Insurance Policy

Among the number of features and benefits that you can find on car insurance policy, we cannot deny that these four features are ones that you will want to have knowledge of. The features include bodily injury coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage and property damage coverage. For further about their details, let’s check this out!

Bodily Injury Coverage

One of the most important car insurance features is bodily injury coverage. Along with property damage coverage, this feature is usually referred to liability coverage which is mostly required in all states. Then, how this feature works? In case you are found at fault for an accident, it will help you to pay any expense related to the accident that happen to the other party.

In this case, the bodily injury coverage will help you to pay lost wages, medical fees, suffering and pain occurred to the other party. Moreover, this feature is able to assist on paying your legal costs in case the other party makes decision to sue you for further damages. That’s why the bodily injury coverage is a must for car insurance features.

Property Damage Coverage

When you are at fault for accident, you are going to be in charge for the damages that you have done to other party’s property or vehicle. At this point, the property damage coverage will help you with those expenses. With this feature on your policy, you don’t need to mind too much about the cost of repair to other’s vehicle involved.

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This is because property damage coverage is going to pay the repair expenses of the vehicle, and also other damages occurred to a property which can take account of fence damage, exterior walls damage and many more. This one of important car insurance features is also able to pay legal costs when the other party chooses to take legal action for the damage.

Comprehensive Coverage

When it comes to comprehensive coverage, it is actually optional. However, it is such an important feature that you can take into account especially if you own a brand new vehicles. Adding this coverage to your policy will help you paying for repairs caused by fire, falling objects, natural disaster and theft which are not covered by other car insurance features.

Collision Coverage

The last, there is also collision coverage which is also optional. However, it can be a good idea to include this feature since it helps to pay for replacement or repair of your car in case it rolls over or gets into crashes with another vehicle. This coverage will affect if only the deductible has been paid. That’s all the most important car insurance features.

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