Easy Cooking with Beer Tips for Better Food Taste

Are you searching for some cooking with beer tips and tricks? Then, you have come to the right place. It is no secret that beer has been used to cook various recipes since years ago. In fact, there are a lot of foods that we can cook with beer compared to other famous cooking beverages out there.

Easy Tips for Cooking with Beer at Home

When there are a lot of recipes where you can add beer to enhance the overall taste, cooking with beer can actually be overwhelming particularly for newbie. That’s why understanding the right way to do when cooking with beer is highly crucial for newbie. To assist you, here are some best cooking with beer tips you better know.

Tips #1: Utilize a Beer You Enjoy Drinking

In case you are someone who doesn’t like drinking a particular beer, you might not be going to have any dish which is doused with that beer. That’s why it is always recommended to cook with a brand of beer that you love to drink. And don’t forget to get one which pairs nicely with the meals you are going to cook too.

Tips #2: Understand Its ABV

When it comes to cooking with beer tips, we shouldn’t forget to know the beer’s ABV or Alcohol by Volume. Remember that a beer with higher ABV tend to be far more bitter and much stronger compared to one with lower ABV. A beer with lower ABV is considered to be able to blend with dishes more with no trouble.

Tips #3: Start with Lighter Beer

For cooking, experiment is sometimes important. However, if you are kind of hesitant beginner who has never done it before with beer, you better start with light beer like nut-brown ales and pale ales. This is because light beer is much easier to pair well with majority of foods. So, in this cooking with beer tips, you can think of using light beer.

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Tips #4: Don’t Pour the Beer with a Heavy Hand

You might be excited to cook your favorite dish with beer, but you shouldn’t do it too fast. Dumping your entire beer bottle to the simmering concoction is able to lead your dish to have such bitter taste. You should avoid this beginner mistake at all cost. Keep in mind that it is hard to decrease the flavor once you poured it all.

Tips #5: To Neutralize Acidic Foods

Another cooking with beer tips is to utilize it to neutralize acidic foods. Foods such as tomatoes, citrus fruits, vinegar and even mustard can gain advantage of a beer reduction. A splash of beer especially the highly carbonated one like pilsner will be able to balance the acidity discovered in acidic foods, providing whole new realm of flavor.

Tips #6: To Marinate Meats

Beer is known as a great tenderizer. If you plan to cook piece of chicken or steak, consider adding a splash of beer to your marinade. Dar beers can complement robust meats such as beef while lighter beers tend to work great for pork, poultry and seafood. That’s all the cooking with beer tips and tricks.

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