College Student, Here Are 5 Super Startup Ideas for You

It’s no secret anymore that college graduates are now struggling with underemployment and joblessness. Then, when the rate of college tuition is getting higher in the last few years, many fresh graduates find themselves engaged with loan payments after graduating.

To help out the burden, there have been many college students that opt for launching their own startups while they are still in college. It is a good thing that they start business early and it will be helpful to ease financial burden too.

5 Super Startup Ideas for College Student like You

If you are interested to build your own startup too, here are the top 5 super startup ideas for you who are still in college.

1. Tutoring

You know that your business should reflect your skill. As a college student, considering tutoring other students in the area you are expert in is a good idea. By starting your own private tutoring business, you can provide session late at night or in the evening.

For sure, you can open for wider market once you start tutoring. You can share your business to public and get even high schoolers as your market as well.

2. Apartment and House Cleaning

For you who think that you are somewhat skilled with something like scrub brush, you may think about earning money by cleaning houses and apartments around your campus. You can start your business by offering to family, friends or even university faculty.

When you have built your reputation, you can go for larger community. When there are many cleaning companies out here that cost high, as a college student you can compete in the market with lower price.

3. Delivery and Transportation

When Uber drivers are able to earn income by offering travel services in their communities, why can’t the college student do the same? If you have a car and you live in certain area where public transport is something needed, you can consider opening a transportation and delivery business.

Your business can be taking students to local shop, delivering takeout from restaurants and many others.

4. Marketing

Another one of the 5 super startup ideas is marketing. If you are from marketing, creative or advertising majors, starting your career early from you’re still in college is a good idea. You can offer service for local business or shop that needs freelance marketing person.

On the other hand, you can also offer copy or design service for creating marketing materials for people around you.

5. Web Design and Development

It is a note for every college student who are skilled on web design and development. Believe it or not that starting this kind of business will be able to give you such serious income. You can go for simple project like creating logo design and other things.

If you are confident, you can also team up with your friends and then launch your own website to start selling your skills.

That’s all the 5 super startup ideas that every college student can take into account. Now, it’s time for you to take an action and develop your opportunity. Good luck!

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