Best Type of Business Insurance that Every Business Should Have

Ever since you start your business, you have leaded yourself to number of risks. Everyone who decides to jump to this field must have estimated about this and is willing to do the best to minimize the risks. One of the ways to lessen the risk is by purchasing the right type of business insurance.

The Top 5 Insurance Types to Protect Your Business

Whether you are running a small business or mid-size or large business, shopping around for the right insurance for your business is a nice thing. To help you buying the necessary one, here are some of the most essential insurance types for your business.

#1 Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance or known as errors and omissions insurance is a kind of insurance that covers your business from inattention claim due to any issue as a consequence of failure or mistake on performing something.

It is important for you to know that not all professional liability insurance is created equal. Different business may need to take different policy for this means.

#2 Home-based Business Insurance

If you start your business from home, this type of business insurance is perfect to take. This is because your homeowner insurance cannot cover some of the significant coverage that home-based business has. You can consult with your insurance carrier for extra insurance to protect your business equipment and inventory.

#3 Property Insurance

There is no doubt that your building, furniture as well as your inventory is part of your business assets too. Whatever your business is, property insurance is a basic. This is because the insurance is able to cover your tangible assets from theft, fire or even storm.

Nevertheless, a few natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes might not be covered on the policy. You may need to go for additional policy for that.

#4 Auto Insurance

If your business operation requires vehicles, there is no doubt that you will need auto insurance too. Since it is for the sake of your business, you should make sure that your vehicles are fully insured as well.

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In this case, this type of business insurance will help you when your vehicle is accused for an accident or damage. For this case, you can at least apply for comprehensive coverage or third-party injury coverage for your business vehicles.

#5 Worker’s Compensation Insurance

If you hire employees to work for your business, adding worker’s compensation insurance to your policy is a must. This insurance can cover medical treatment, disability or even death benefits if your employees get injuries or die during their work in your business. Although your business doesn’t involve high-risk job, still worker’s compensation insurance is important.


Among so many types of insurance out there, these five insurance types are the basic that you better have on your policy. By purchasing the right type of business insurance, there is no doubt that you will have at least prevented financial loss that may happen in the future as you are running the business.

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