Best Refreshing Drink for Hot Weather that You Must Try

Whether it is in a hot weather or not, pleasing our thirst with refreshing, cool drink is such a good idea. If you are planning to make your own refreshing drink for hot weather or for simply refreshing your mind, this following information must help you a lot.

5 Cool Drinks That Will Please You at Hot Weather Days

From lemonade to fruit punch, we have some of the best recipes that you can try to please your palate and keep away your thirst. So, let’s check this out!

#1 Iced Fruit Punch

Let’s begin from the cool Iced Fruit Punch. Freeze some fruit juices first in ice-tray molds that come in festive shapes. As the fruit juices cubes melt, you will find that their flavors mingle to create such refreshing drink.

To make this one, you can select juices in a variety of flavors and colors. For instance, you can go for pineapple, orange, cranberry, lemon and grape.

#2 Lemonade

It’s no doubt that lemonade is just one food staple for summer. It is refreshing and very easy to make at home. Make a pitcher of lemonade to cool off your hot weather days. If you want to make it as a party drink, you can try spiked lemonade.

To make spiked lemonade, you will need 3 tbsp fresh mint and then muddle them in a tumbler. After that, add some ice, ¾ cup of lemonade and 1 oz rum. It will be an absolutely great refreshing drink for hot weather.

#3 Watermelon Agua Fresca

When watermelon itself is a nice refreshing treat in a hot weather, make it into watermelon agua fresca will be more special to cool you off from the hot weather. This drink is actually popular in Mexico and you can simply make it your own at home.

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You don’t need too much sugar or too much fruit to make it. Just make it simple to treat your thirst in a hot weather.

#4 Raspberry Spritzer

Instead of going for those sugar-laden sodas on such hot weather, you should try this refreshing and also low-calorie alternative. This raspberry spritzer will be a nice treat that won’t keep you thirsty. With that red color, it will surely captivate you to drink it.

#5 Cranberry and Ginger Tea Punch

Next, you can consider treating your thirst with this appealing cranberry and ginger tea punch. You can simply blend orange, cranberry and raspberry juices with ginger tea. After that, tart it with lemon juice for more refreshing taste.

This cranberry and ginger tea punch can be a nice idea for your outdoor party too. Just prepare for the drink in a pitcher and then let the guest to serve it individually in a glass of ice cubes that have been prepared.

Final Thoughts

That’s all some of the best refreshing drink for hot weather. We hope that you have found your favorite and the one that you want to go for it. Finally, try the recipes above and treat your thirst immediately!

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