Beginner’s Tutorial to Learn Korean Language on Your Own

Now that you are interested to Korean culture, you might love to get a simple tutorial to learn Korean language on your own. With the popularity of K-Pop and Korean dramas these days, we cannot deny that Korean language becomes such well-liked second language to learn. In this article, we will discuss a simple tutorial to learn this language yourself.

How to Start Learning Korean Language 

The good news is that learning language including Korean can be done by your own. It means that you can learn it yourself without taking a course or something. If your first language is English, Korean is surely different especially when it uses its own alphabet called Hangul. Even it seems hard, a right tutorial to learn Korean language might help.

Master the Hangul 

To start learning Korean language, it is a good idea to start by mastering the Hangul or Korean alphabet. This alphabet is involved 1o vowels and 14 consonants. This alphabet is considered as the most scientific in the world and is so precise that makes it extremely easy to learn. Instead learning Roman alphabet of Korean words, learning Korean through its alphabet is quicker.

Invest in a Good System of Learning

When you start a tutorial to learn Korean language, you will find that an excellent learning system will be a huge help to make you master the language soon. In this case, it includes owning the right manuals to assist you learning Korean language effectively. Once you find a good manual to work with, make sure to learn regularly.

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For instance, you can spend minimally 20 minutes daily on a new topic or lesson. It is actually more effective to dedicate a mini season you do regularly instead of a long learning session such as two hours once a week. As you follow the tutorial to learn Korean language from the manual, take time to make note and review them.

Tips for Easier Korean Language Learning

It seems to be easy to start, isn’t it? But to master the language can be a long road. You will need extra commitment when you want to master it for real. When learning new language can be difficult at some points, you may need some little tips that can make learning Korean language easier. Here are some tips you can do.

Find Korean Friends

In addition to follow a good tutorial to learn Korean language, finding one or two Korean friends will make your learning even more exciting. It is not only that you can learn the language from its native, but it will be more fun to have someone to talk with too. You can benefit language exchange apps to connect with native.

Watch K-Drama and K-Pop

It is fun to learn something from drama and music. If you have so much fun to learn outside the book, watching Korean drama and listening to Korean music will be a good idea. When these two become one of the main reasons for many people to get interested in Korean, it can be helpful to complete a tutorial to learn Korean language too.

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