Basic Makeup Items that Every Makeup Bag Must Have

When you are living mobile, keeping some basic makeup items on every move is a must. Instead of carrying every single makeup item you have at your vanity cabinet, selecting some of the basic ones that you need is a good idea. But, what we will need the most on our makeup bag?

The Only 5 Makeup Items that Your Bag Must Have

If you are wondering which makeup items to bring inside your purse or bag, here are some of the most essential products to keep when you want to stay on fire with your makeup wherever you are.

#1 A Brightening and Concealing Stick

When you are faced a situation where you need to cut the beauty products to fit your bag, you may think to forgo a dewy and flawless complexion. But, there is no multi-tasking product out there which is able to hide imperfections while providing radiant, bright result.

At this point, instead of carrying primer, base and concealer all alone which may eat up your bag’s space, you can go for brightening and concealing stick which is able to do all the jobs.

#2 Color for Cheeks and Lips

Another basic makeup items that you should take into account is the one that can add color to both of your cheeks and lips. Instead of going out with lip glosses, lip sticks and even that blush on inside your bag, you can opt for a product that can be used for both cheeks and lips.

Nowadays, there are various lip tint and lip stain products that can be used for coloring both your lips and cheeks. You can consider keeping them in your bag instead of your traditional lip stick and blush on.

#3 Mascara

If you need to put only one product to wear on your face, you may choose this product instead of the others. Mascara is a must to complete your makeup and there is no doubt that you won’t leave it at home as you go somewhere.

To get the most of your makeup outside, try to look for multitasking mascara which is able to define and elongate your lashes. Then, it will be far better to use the wand to smudge your lash line to make dramatic eyeliner look.

#4 Face Powder

Whether you are wearing a full makeup or not you will want to have that this basic makeup items: face powder. More importantly, powder will be helpful to substitute foundation and keep your makeup glow and look great.

Then, face powder has ability to refresh your look too especially if you don’t tint your face. You can consider buying the one that comes as powder brush so that it is easy to bring and offers on-the-go application.

#5 A Multi-Purpose Balm

Well, a lip balm is surely something that we cannot go without. This item is not only a great one to keep our lips hydrated. It can also be used for other purposes that you may never think about before. For instance, it can be used to prevent heel chafing, hydrate ragged cuticles and even control your hair.

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When you are shopping for one, consider looking for the one that comes in potted version since it will be a lot easier for you to apply the balm with your fingers.

Final Thoughts

Finally, you have known some of most essential basic makeup items that must be always there inside your bag or purse. And there is one more thing that you shouldn’t forget in your bag: perfume! It will complete your overall performance for sure. That’s all!

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