7 Foods to Try before You Die

This world provides so many things that you can enjoy. From the magnificent scenery to various things to eat, everything just seems wonderful. When it comes to something to eat, there are millions or even billions kinds of foods available around the world too.

If you claim yourself as a foodie, we actually have a list of foods to try before you die. So, let’s check this out!

Top 7 Foods You Have to Eat before You Die

1. Nem Nuong Cuon

If you are planning to visit Vietnam soon or later, you shouldn’t miss this food. Nem Nuong Cuon is a famous Vietnamese spring roll that can bless your tongue. This spring roll contains grilled ork sausage which is wrapped in a rice paper along with carrot, cucumber, daikon, mint and lettuce. Then, it is usually served with special sauce.

2. Cevapcici

When you visit Bosnia, Montenegro, Croatia or Serbia, there is no doubt that you will find cevapcici, a favorite dish across the borders. Regarding where you find this food in the Balkans, you may find that it comes in different meat. It can be lamb, beef, pork or even a combination of these three.

3. Gnocchi

If you have ever been to Uruguay especially on the 29th of the month, you may have ever heard about Gnocchi Day or Dia de Noquis. This is actually a custom between people in Uruguay since in the end of the month, money usually runs out and Gnocchi becomes an alternative for budget-friendly dish. This is because it is made of flour, egg and potatoes.

4. Poutine

Poutine is one of the top foods to try before you die. The traditional type of this dish is actually made with French fries, cheese curds and brown gravy. However, nowadays chefs are adding other ingredients too like caramelized onions and meat.

5. Kangaroo Meat

Well, it may seem quite strange for you, but Australia’s Aborigines have eaten this meat from long ago. Kangaroo meat is known to provide a great amount of protein, yet it contains little fat only. It can be served the way other meats too such as skewered, made into medallions or sausages and roast.

6. Churros and Chocolate

You may not find this one unfamiliar because churros can be found anywhere nowadays. However, when you are traveling to Spain, you must try enjoying Spanish churros with a cup of thick hot chocolate. Just forget about scrambled egg or cereal, churros and thick hot chocolate will be a great booster in the morning.

7. Lobster Rolls

If you need a little but impactful treat for your tongue, you should try this food. This food typically includes toasted hot dog bun which is lightly buttered and stuffed with a combination of tail meat, knuckle and claw. Then for the fillings, it can be different but it may include scallion, mayonnaise, celery, pepper, salt and lemon juice.

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Finally, that’s all the top 7 foods to try before you die. When you are traveling around, don’t forget to treat yourself local cuisines so that you can taste something new that you may become your favorite!

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