5 Smart Tricks on How to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance Possible

It’s no secret that most of us need auto insurance, yet only few of us fully understood everything about it. There are numerous car insurance companies out there and all of them seem to offer such interesting policy choices. But, how to get the cheapest car insurance possible among all of those choices seems to be a mystery.

The 5 Smart Tricks to Get the Cheapest Auto Insurance

Now, to help you get the best and most inexpensive car insurance out there, here are a few things that you can do to ensure you on getting the right one.

#1 Don’t assume any company as the cheapest

Many companies out there spend much money on commercials so that they can convince their potential customers that they provide the lowest rate of car insurance. That’s why you shouldn’t presume that one company is surely the cheapest without shopping around first.

It’s important to keep in mind that different people may pay different amount of insurance rates even they take the same company. Certain company can be cheapest for one, but not for everyone since there are many things considered behind the rate calculation.

#2 Never ignore regional and local insurers

There is only a little number of companies that control the insurance business in all states. However, the smaller, local company is something that you cannot ignore too. Local and regional insurance carriers frequently have higher rating of customer satisfaction compared to the big ones. More interestingly, they may offer lower insurance rate too!

#3 Check for discounts

One of the best tricks on how to get the cheapest car insurance is by checking for available discount. It’s a good thing that insurance carriers sometimes supply a range of discounts like price breaks for any customer who:

Insure more than one car with one policy,
Own a good driving record,
Bundle the auto insurance with other policies like life insurance or homeowners insurance,
Pay the whole six-month premium or annual premium at once,
Have a car that features certain safety and anti-theft features.

However, even you are happy with the list of discount you may have, you still need to compare the final prices from the other insurance carriers.

#4 Always pay your bills on time

Believe it or not, your credit score has something to do with your car insurance quotes except you are living in Hawaii, Massachusetts and California that don’t allow insurance carriers to take credit score into account when calculating the rates.

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Then, how to get the cheapest car insurance at this point? For sure, you need to improve your credit score if it is too low. You can do it by paying back your bills on time and then decreasing your debt. Regularly check your progress by tracking your credit score.

#5 Skip comprehensive and collision coverage for an older car

Comprehensive policy covers repair for damaged vehicle due to animal crash, weather, vandalism, fire and floods. It also pays damage caused by car theft. On the other hand, collision covers damage after an accident with an object or another car.

Comprehensive and collision coverage is highly recommended for new car since it can cover everything from theft to accident. However, if you get an older car that has such low market value, removing comprehensive and collision coverage from your policy is a good idea.


Now, you have known how to get the cheapest car insurance rate. Make sure that you shop around first before deciding the right company and policy for your need. The last but not least, don’t forget to practice some of the tricks above too. Good luck!

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