5 Hidden Smartphone Features You’ll Begin to Use Right Away

It’s no doubt that we all have been experienced as a smartphone user. However, we cannot deny that we can know every single tip and trick on our smartphone when it is getting more advanced from day to day.

The good news is that we know some of the hidden smartphone features that you will love to use right away after knowing it. And we are going to share it with you, so let’s check this out!

#1 Block Ads

Getting tired of seeing so many ads popping out on your screen? Well, you may think to install an ads block app to get rid of the ads right away. But, if you don’t want to spare another space for a new app, there is better alternative for you.

Instead of installing an ads block app, you can simply turn on ‘Airplane Mode’ on your smartphone. This is the easiest and quickest way to block ads. So, if you are planning an offline game in your smartphone and don’t want to be disturbed with ads, try this!

#2 Android Guest Mode

For you who don’t want your friend or others to have an access to any of your personal data when they are playing with your phone, there is a ‘Guest Mode’ feature that is available on your Android phone.

If you want to switch it on, you just need to tap on the “user icon” in the top right corner of your fast Settings panel. After that, tap on the Guest to change the mode.

#3 Secret iPhone Codes

Have you known that it is possible for you to hide your number when making an outgoing call? Well, it is practically simple if you haven’t known about it. You just need a simple code for it. You just need to enter *#31# and then you will be able to hide your number for all calls.

However, if you just want to hide for a certain call only, you can simply type #31# before the number you are going to call.

#4 Use Keyboard and Mouse

Who says you cannot use mouse or keyboard when using your smartphone? Thanks to the USB on-the-go cable, it is now possible for you to attach and use mouse or keyboard on your Android phone. It can be useful when your display broken or you need to type lots of text.

#5 Change Volume Independently 

Your smartphone plays some different audio types including notifications, alarms, media, ringtones and phone calls. When you go to the Settings menu and then open Sounds and Volume, you will see that there is individual slider that you can use to adjust the audio types individually.

For Android, you can even get it simpler since it has quick shortcut for you. Just tap on the physical volume button and you can choose the small arrow on the volume setting box to expand the volume sliders.

That’s all some of the hidden features that most people not pay attention to. Now, you can try these features right away on your smartphone. Good luck!

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