5 Easy Steps on How to Write a Business Proposal

Writing a good business proposal always becomes a key to expand our business. Nevertheless, writing an excellent business proposal can be a little tricky. We need to introduce and promote our business while keeping the details straightforward and honest.

The Best Ways to Write a Business Proposal in 5 Easy Steps

So, how to write a business proposal? To help you on developing a good business proposal, here are the five steps that you can do.

#1 Gather Any Information You Need

When a nice business opportunity comes over, you might feel the pressure to write your proposal immediately. While you want to send it as soon as possible, take your time on learning about the project and the client instead of being in rush is basically better.

Hint: It is recommended to send your business proposal after the first meeting. Then, don’t forget to attach a personal note saying a follow up word. However, this rule has exception like for a business that has multiple locations or offices.

#2 Outline the Range of the Project

Before you start writing the proposal, take a time to reflect on your project. Ask yourself with 5W+1H questions. Here are some of the questions to consider as you learn how to write a business proposal.

Who: Who will organize the work? Who will do the work?
What: What will be needed to do it? What can the clients expect?
Where: Where will be delivered? Where will the project be done?
When: When will the project started and completed? When is the payment due?
Why: Why should the clients choose you?
How: How will the work be done? How will the work be organized?

Answering this question will help you a lot on developing your proposal later on.

#3 Estimate Labor and Costs

In the beginning, you will want to take the project cost into account as well. It will be helpful to determine how much you will charge your clients too. You can simply write down realistic amount of every item on the project.

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As you learn how to write a business proposal, you will know that overestimating is always a good idea because we don’t know that there can be something unexpected happens. So, adding some extra cost, but still realistic.

#4 Start Writing the Proposal

After that, you can start to type your business proposal. Just like other proposal formula, you will need introduction to summarize your project and business and then follow it with a body that gives out every detail about the project. The last, there will be conclusion which tells your clients how to proceed.

#5 Send Your Business Proposal and Follow Up

Finally, it is the time to send out the business proposal. After you send the proposal, you can consider sending a follow up to learn whether your clients have any question or not related to your business. You can consider using email tracking service to help you for this step.

That’s all how to write business proposal. Now, you can create it yourself and help your business to be expanding.

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